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SecurityPosted by AJ van de Kam Thu, December 25, 2014 14:30:55


Focusing on the total business and not for one minute taking your eyes off the road map of your company, should be attained by all.

It is not!

The majority of board members and C-Level executives, the hired help, are wearing blinders and think others will inform and protect them.

They do not!

It is their job to protect and serve the shareholders and customers/clients or have they forgotten that!

The words, "I never saw this coming", are echoed globally at all levels of companies on a minute by minute basis. Who do they have to blame?

Just themselves!

Sorry, that is the way it is, it is like someone sent out a script and all are following along.

Privacy is the #1 Priority. I do not mean shutting yourself in a small room and never venturing outside. We mean information created and amassed by a company is only for that company, it is private, not public.

Ask Sony, Home Depot, Target, JP Morgan Chase, etc., how they feel about privacy and prying criminal eyes that have Hacked their way inside the inner sanctum of their corporations and stolen information. Downright criminals that strike, steal and move on the next one. Are you next?

We all have said or done something that we wish we had not. The record of that event is not for public view. Tell that to a Hacker! They are laughing and getting their kicks watching those they have been compromised squirm and wiggle as they release the information.

FOBS or Focus Or Be Screwed is a great acronym to be followed, as it is says it all. If your Privacy is compromised, you, your employers and customers/clients are SCREWED! Embarrassment is one thing, potentially damaging private information is quite another.

As a C-Level executive, have you any idea what is collected, stored and secured within your company databases? Don't answer that with, "that is what I pay an IT Department for". It is your job to be a know-it-all! Most of you are coming up drastically short in that department!

CommSmart Global says it as it is and will assist you in locking down your in-house data and your corporate data in motion. Are we blunt and to the point? Damn right we are! We are not looking for friendship, we are securing your business for all involved and importantly, your shareholders and clients.

Our privacy investigative attributes and solutions have been gleaned by having a worldwide team that has no airs and graces, just the abilities to understand the hackers mentality, operational methods and how they can enter your systems to steal any single thing they want from your databases.

Yes, we are Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testers with secure credentials and full understanding of the real data security world. That is part of what we do and we use our own solutions within the other sectors of our global business.

Once we establish the gaping holes in your data security we close them and allow you to manage your daily movements with technology that informs you all aspects of the data flow, who is accessing and what tripwires need to be in place to stop any unauthorized access. CommSmart Global works hand in hand with your C-Level executives and with their direction, the IT department heads.

Even your data from the field, the Smart Mobile Phones, Tablets, Phablets and Laptops are protected. The data in motion becomes invisible, even in a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot. This also includes the desktop inside computers, which now are secure, even at executives or staff's homes.

So, do you want to be Focused or Screwed?

CommSmart Global and Your Privacy go hand in hand, call us or email and let us discuss your needed privacy solutions now!